This is the second time Sense/Net participates in Hacktoberfest event to encourage developers to familiarize with our product and get in touch with the community.

Scroll through this site to learn how you can earn sensenet Hacktoberfest 2020 super swag.

Hacktoberfest 2020
sensenet 101

what is sensenet

sensenet is a content repository with API first approach which can be used as a back-end system for any content based solution. The main concept is that these custom solutions are developed separately (like a single page app) communicating with sensenet repo through APIs.

Since it is a headless CMS, there is no ui. You have the freedom to build it based on your requirements.

working with sensenet

In sensenet the delivery of content happens through APIs. Your solution requests the content as and when it's needed.

Thanks to its API-first approach it is easy to integrate with, and gives more freedom to the developer to choose the database, framework and programming language at all level of the application development, whether it's a web, desktop or mobile development project.

It is possible to install sensenet in your own environment or with SNaaS (sensenet as a service) you can get access to a sensenet instance. This means all your content and data are stored and hosted securely by us saving you from all maintenance related tasks and installation, ensuring easy onboarding, updates and patches.

event details


entry challenge + 1 reviewed and merged PR (from our dedicated GitHub board)

entry challenge

- to participate, you should register a free repo with your GitHub account (entry challenge)
- "star" sensenet repo on GitHub


- the first 60 contributors (approved PR) get sensenet special edition socks
- every Hacktoberfest participant gets a 10% discount code for business plan (can be used one time for a monthly or yearly subscription till 31.12.2021.)


- only PRs found on the dedicated board counts
- if you want to work on a specific issue, you should first comment on it so we can assign it to you (in case of inactivity, we will remove the assignment letting others work on it)
- you should only start working on an issue once it is assigned to you
- you cannot have more than 1 issue assigned to you at the same time
- the PR must be at least raised in October 2020 and you should not be inactive for seven days or more during code review
- weekly review from sensenet team
- we can only provide swags for the first 60 participants who completed the requirements
- even if you complete additional PRs you cannot receive more than one swag
- there is no obligation on the sensenet team to send out any swag

getting started

- GitHub flow -
- creating a PR -
- sensenet contribution standards & rules
- sensenet documentation
- dedicated GitHub board (check dedicated issues you can work on)
- SNaaS Gitter channel (keep in touch with other contributors and the team)

Leaf left FAQ Leaf right

How do I get started?

1. First you need to register to SNaaS with your GitHub account and get a free repository (no credit card needed)
2. Star sensenet repo on GitHub
3. Check available issues on our dedicated board

for more info check the links in the getting started section

How to find documentation?

You can find documentation in different categories on

Where can I find the issues to complete the challenge?

We've created a dedicated board for Hacktoberfest 2020. Choose any unassigned issue from this board.

How do I claim to be working on an issue or ticket?

Once you've found the issue that fits the best for you, comment on it so we can assign it to you. We strongly recommend to start working on it only when it's assigned to you to avoid misunderstanding.

How do I get reviews?

We will constantly monitor every channel during October however we will do the hard work (review, merge) on every Thursday during the event. Please note that you should not be inactive for seven days or more during code review otherwise the issue could be unassigned from you.

What are the requirements to complete Sense/Net's Hacktoberfest 2020 challenge?

1. You should complete the entry challenge (register a free SNaaS repo and star sensenet on GitHub)
2. Choose an issue to work on (from our Hacktoberfest board) - and get is assigned to you by commenting on the issue
3. Send a pull request, stay active during code review, and cooperate with our team
4. The challenge is completed once the pull request has been merged

Do issues/commits count?

Only issues found on our dedicated Hacktoberfest 2020 board count. Other PRs (typos and anything not labeled with hacktoberfest) are welcome but DOES NOT COUNT to the challenge.

Do PRs have to be accepted/ merged?

Yes, the challenge is completed once the pull request has been merged. In order to make this happen ASAP please stay active during code review and cooperate with our team.

My PR was labeled invalid. What should I do?

If we label a PR as invalid, we always leave a comment explaining the reason. Please check comments and ask on the PR if something isn't 100% clear.

How do I send a pull request?

1. Choose an issue to work on (from our Hacktoberfest board) - and get it assigned to you by commenting on the issue
2. Consult our contribution guide to learn our rules and get technical instructions.
3. Work on the issue and cooperate with our team.

How do I know if I have qualified?

Once your PR is accepted and merged, we will move the issue to the MERGED column on our board. If you find your PR there, you are qualified.

How do I know if I have won?

We will contact you via email after the event and let you know whether you'll get sensenet swag.

Where can I chat with snteam?

We've created a Gitter channel for the event to discuss any Hacktoberfest related question. For any questions related to a specific issue/PR please use the comment section on GitHub.